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Christian Wedding

Important Steps of the Christian Wedding

The very first part of the planning consists of the important relative of those who are to be married.

  • This includes the parents and grandparents of both the groom and bride.

  • It might include aunties and uncles who have actually been a crucial part of the lives of the couple too.

  • The processional is the a lot of well recognized part of the Christian wedding event.

  • The processional presents the wedding event part and eventually introduces the bride-to-be and groom to the wedding ceremony.

  • The majority of Christian weddings will have a prayer directly following the processional.

  • This prayer will change based upon the desires of the couple, and the priest that is performing the ceremony.

  • Those who are unpleasant with prayer from other religions ought to know that the prayer will be said aloud to the whole group.

  • The groom and bride will then promise to the congregation that they are willfully going through the wedding event.

  • They will then exchange wedding event swears.

Traditional Wedding Vows :


While some will opt to stick with the typical wedding vows, others will write their own vows.They might do this with the usual pledges, or in place of the typical pledges.


  • The couple will then go through the typical ring exchange of the wedding event.

  • Some couples will opt to say their own vows throughout this time rather of replacing the typical wedding event pledges.

  • The Unity Candle is not a part of the Christian wedding.

  • Some couples will opt to light a candle together before their wedding event ceremony has actually completed.

  • This is a symbolic custom that reveals the unity of the couple as they start their journey together.

  • The couple is provided as a couple for the very first time, and will then exit the church.

  • There are multiple actions to the Christian wedding event.

  • While some steps are staples in every ceremony, others may change depending upon the wedding.

  • There will be various rituals and traditions that some might use throughout their weddings.

  • With that being stated, these actions will provide you a great idea regarding exactly what to anticipate when you attend this wedding.